In a recent post, we went over what a vlog is, how to start one, and why it can be great for fostering patient engagement and education.

However, we’d like to share more today. Do you know how to connect with patients AND build relationships through vlogs?

Starting a vlog could be great for your practice, but only if it’s going to build those connections you’re looking for. So if you started your vlogging adventure, now you can add these tips to the mix to connect with your audience.

The first thing to know is that these rules are applicable to any video content, not just vlogs. So if you do a Facebook Live Video, a YouTube promo, or a short stream from a smart phone, you can take these ideas and use them to put out engaging and useful content.


3 Golden Rules for Engaging Video Content

1. Consider your audience

This is critical — you must really know your patients and what they’re looking for.

Tap into your experiences with patients past and present to build a solid foundation for your video content.

One size does NOT fit all when it comes to creating emotional connections.

To do that, you need to have an idea of their interests, goals, their hopes, their fears, etc. Speaking to them on their level and in language they understand will establish credibility and trust.

Additionally, consider creating different videos for current patients and prospective patients. They have different needs and questions, so make sure you are clear with your messaging.


2. Tell a (compelling) story

You can be fun and interactive, but are you giving your patients something of value?

Take the time to craft a narrative and personalize it for your patients.

This could be ideas like how one of your procedures changed a patient’s life or the quality of the products you offer. You want to draw your viewer in while getting them to relate to your story, otherwise they won’t see value in your particular practice or products.


3. Get patient feedback

Coming up with ideas, topics, and stories may seem like exhausting work, but we have a little trick.

You can actually ask your patients for help! If you or your practice is active on social media, pose questions through social posts, asking your patients what they’re interested in.

For example, create a poll on Facebook with a handful of relevant topics to see in which content your patients are more interested. Once you have feedback, you could do something simple like a Facebook Live Video talking about that particular topic.


Engaging with patients through video doesn’t require a big budget, fancy equipment, or even a skilled production team. It just requires thoughtful content and some attention to detail.

If you see the value in providing your patients with video resources, we can help!

The Steeplechase Company is an expert at helping healthcare professionals reach patients through compelling, customized, and creative content.

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Three Ways to Connect with Patients Through Videos
Video content is becoming a leading way to connect with people today. See the 3 golden rules for producing engaging content to connect with your patients.