We’re dedicated to connecting specialized healthcare organizations with patients who need them, and building long-lasting relationships.

Our Approach

By utilizing analytics and data, we help healthcare professionals make informed decisions about their marketing strategy and formulate successful campaigns that reach patients. We combine over 20 years of knowledge of the healthcare industry with marketing expertise to give specialists like you the information you need to direct your efforts in the right places.

To successfully nurture and develop long-term patient relationships we believe you must provide them with something valuable each time you interact. This will spark initial interest and lead to trust in your practice. We do the research to identify your patients’ needs and build a unique marketing strategy just for you.

As your partner, we’ll identify what works and what doesn’t work, so you can stop wasting efforts on dead-end endeavors. We help simplify your processes by leveraging automation, analytics and content creation.

Who We Are

The Steeplechase Company is the product of more than two decades of experience in marketing and healthcare. Founders Daisy Wong and John Arnott recognized the missing link when it came to enhancing healthcare with analytics and technology. With the vision of transforming healthcare organizations in mind, Daisy and John combined their expertise within healthcare and marketing to help practices like yours advance their patient relationships and reach people who will truly benefit from your services.

Daisy Wong is currently an EMR consultant specializing in Ophthalmology and has a notable record of working as a management consultant. She is a graduate of Southern Methodist University’s Business School and has accomplished a valuable 20+ years of experience as an executive in the IT and services industries. Daisy is remarkably skilled in technology and strategic planning.

John Arnott has spent the last 25 years growing three successful businesses tied to Enterprise Database Systems, Business Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Healthcare Technology, and Strategic Planning. John is certified as a CHCIO and CHP with more than 10 years experience in healthcare. He received a BBA from the University of Texas at Austin and is an expert at bridging the gaps between IT and business.

The Steeplechase Company was created with one key principle in mind: to guide healthcare organizations in gaining insights into how their marketing strategies can better connect them with the right patients.

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