With the holiday season in full swing, many people may think it’s time to take a (well-deserved) break and relax, but it’s actually a great time for you to dig in and get your name out there.   

Connecting with people during the holidays can do wonders for your brand.  

While many believe the healthcare industry is lacking emotion or cold we know that’s not the case—that’s why the holidays are the perfect time to show long-term and potential clients your organization’s “human” side. 

If you’re looking for ways to spread the holiday cheer and spice up your marketing approach, check out our tips for thoughtful engagement with patients.

1. Holiday-Themed Blog Posts

Stay relevant and relatable to your followers by sharing holiday-related content. Everyone is in the holiday mood so share engaging content across social media that is specific to the season 

For example, if you are a gastrointestinal specialist you can blog about holiday foods to avoid at Christmas parties. This gives everyone a win, your patients are receiving good information, and you’re getting noticed. 

2. Demonstrate Charity

A powerful way to get your organization (and brand) noticed is by supporting a charitable cause or foundation 

Giving back and encouraging patients to do the same will show that you value the reason for the season—giving.  Ask employees and patients to donate or volunteer alongside you. 

3. Host a Christmas Competition

Get your patients and potential patients involved in a little fun and organize a competition 

This could be something as simple as asking followers to share a picture of them in an ugly sweater or a photo of their worst Christmas present ever. Reward the winner with a free session or goodies from your work. 

4. Ask a Question

Even something as simple as asking your followers what their holiday plans are or what was their favorite gift as a child is an excellent and simple way to create dialogue with your patients. Doing so allows them to see you as a real person rather than a business. 

5. Be All Ears

Open up a survey or poll asking followers what they’d like to see from your practice over the festive season. Establish reasonable goals and ideas, and then, when the time is right, give the clients what they asked for.  

6. Pull Out the Décor

We don’t mean hanging up a few Christmas lights—give your social media and online platforms some holiday cheer. Use platforms like Instagram to give some “behind the scenes” views of office decorating, or update your logo with some festive inspiration. 

We Can Help

However, you choose to demonstrate your holiday cheer this season keep in mind that this is a great opportunity for you to engage with patients on a real, emotional level.  

You can use this as a building block for establishing long-term relationships with current and prospective patients alike. 

If you’d like to see your practice flourish while helping others—give us a call!  


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'Tis the Season for Brand Promotion
The holidays is an excellent time to get your practice noticed by new patients and keep your current patients up to date and engaged.