With all the various platforms available today, there is no excuse for not reaching patients.

Using social media, e-mail campaigns, and even blogging can widen your audience and increase your visibility, which will eventually grow your practice.

Looking at blogging in particular, we can see that there are various benefits: attracting new patients and retaining old ones; or boosting a doctor’s reputation.

Which is why it’s a critical asset to a solid marketing strategy.

If you want to implement a new marketing strategy, you should use blogging as a means to engage current patients and reach potential ones.


Crucial Components of Successful Blogs

If you are looking to strengthen your marketing approach, follow these key tips for a successful blog that can seriously add value to your site and then grow your practice.

  • Have a captivating title.
  • Have the length around 500 words.
  • Keep content simple — remember your audience are your patients. No need for medical jargon here!
  • Include a link to drive the reader to your site.
  • Post consistently — whether you choose to post once a week or twice a month, you should stick to the schedule you initially set.


How Can Blogging Help?

You’re not wrong in thinking that finding the time to blog is difficult, but the payoff is well worth it.

Whether you use your blog to educate patients, personify yourself, or promote your practice, there are a few common benefits of implementing a blog:

1.Increase visibility:

When you post regular blogs, you will boost your Google rank and appear higher than competitors in searches.

Studies have shown that 72% of patients search for health information online; and it’s unlikely that someone will go past the first page of results to get what they’re looking for.

2. Attract new patients:

Aside from getting new traffic from people searching for information online, you might even see new patients being driven from other sites.

When you post something of value, another practice or online journal may attribute your piece or give you a shout out, which will send their followers your way.

3. Allow you to stand out:

Establish yourself in the community as a reliable and informative blogger, and you’ll quickly become a trusted source of information for people in your community.

Not only will you build rapport, you will set yourself apart from competitors.

4. Personalize your practice:

Blogging can be an outlet in which your patients are able to see you and your practice in a more personal light.

Keep in mind that you should always maintain professional standards and HIPPA compliance.

5. Educate patients:

You’re providing patients with quick and easy access to credible information.

Aside from building relationships with your readers, you’re also helping them by giving important information that is pertinent to their health.


If this sounds like something you want to use to enhance your practice, but you’re not sure where to start?


We Can Help!

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