Experiencing a rut in bringing in new patients? While it’s normal to see an ebb and flow in patients coming to your practice, there comes a point where every medical professional may begin to worry.


Whether you’re looking to take precautionary action or you’re in need of new patients, here are a few steps you can take to ensure your message is reaching the people who need it.



Five Ways to Reach More Patients


Connecting to new patients can seem taboo, as marketing and self-promotion within the medical realm may feel wrong. However, there is a way in which you can maintain ethics, respect the sensitivity in healthcare, and still let patients know about their options.


Today we’re going to give you our best tips for doing all of the above.



1. Keep it simple

It’s commonplace to joke about people’s attention span nowadays thanks to DVR and Smartphones, etc. And while it may not always be true, it is best to play it safe.


When it comes to your website, your referrals, or scheduling an appointment—just keep it simple. Go paperless when possible and make sure your site is user and mobile friendly.



2. Host an open house

This is especially great for a new location or new clinic opening.


Choose one of your least cost-intensive services and invite patients to bring a friend or two. Also remember to let local businesses and your neighbors know about the open house.


You’ll be able to get your name and face out there and give potential new patients a low-pressure way to get to know your practice.



3. Volunteer

Being present in the community is always an excellent way to spread the word about you and to let people know what you and your practice stand for.


Take that public presence a step further by volunteering your services. Maybe you’re doing pro-bono work at a free clinic, going to schools, or even setting up a table at a community event. Just look around for opportunities to give back to your community. And use your network of colleagues and friends for support!



4. Reach out to local business owners

Because many businesses are required to offer health insurance to their employees, you have a great opportunity to connect with local business leaders.


Talk to HR departments about your practice, coming in for free screenings, educational seminars, etc.



5. Offer internships

If you live in an area with a lot of universities, community colleges, or even high schools, this is an excellent opportunity for you to connect with younger generations and even spark interest in your area.


Reach out to relevant college departments or programs and offer internships, that can be paid or for credits. This will not only give you the chance to educate students interested in your field, but also gain public attention.




Connecting to new patients doesn’t have to be difficult, and if you follow these five steps you’re likely to reach more than a few. If you’re worried you don’t have the time or expertise to execute these steps, we can help!


The Steeplechase Company has been assisting leaders in the healthcare world connect with patients for over two decades. To see how you can get your practice out to more patients, schedule your FREE practice review here and we’ll be in touch!



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