Looking for new ways to grow your practice? We’ve got an idea for you: Selling retail products.


Setting up shop in your practice will not only help you to expand your circle of care, but it will also give patients a convenient option to get all of their healthcare needs and products in one place.


You can also use this as an opportunity to set yourself apart from similar practices.


For example, if you recommend certain vitamins, nutritional supplements, or creams, why should your patients have to make another stop to a different location after their appointment? Having it in-office makes the whole process easier!



Important Tips for Selling Retail Products in Your Practice


Selling products in your practice isn’t unethical, but you want to make sure if you go this route that you are respecting your patients and ensure they never feel pressure to buy. Follow these tips for a beneficial and comfortable sale of products.


1. Offer Highest Quality Only

It’s imperative that you go above and beyond to ensure what you offer your patients matches the stellar care you’re already providing them. Why offer great care only for them to go home with a subpar product that will negatively influence their experience?


Do your research, read reviews, read what other patients are saying online and analyze what they’re looking for.


What are the common complaints online? The ingredients? You should know the ins and outs of every single product you offer.


What makes sense for your practice? If you’re a nutritionist, then items like wearable technology could be beneficial; while dentists could sell tongue scrapers, toothbrushes, special flouride products, etc.



2. Use Your Online Resources

If you’re not sure about taking the plunge and offering products in office, then start out by listing them on your website.


Do a trial run on social media and see how your followers respond. You could easily showcase your products on your home page and do a Facebook Live explaining the benefits of each item, or even opening up comments for a Q & A with curious patients.



3. Offer Discounts

Remember, the point of the products is to enhance your patients’ lives.


Let them know you value their support and their wellbeing by offering discounts to regular patients. Give out free samples to patients in the first weeks and ask them for feedback in follow-up appointments.




When done correctly, selling retail products in your practice can help you reach more patients while stimulating growth and providing great care. We hope the above tips have been helpful as you navigate ways to grow your practice.


Remember, offering these products is just an extension of your care. If you’re doing the right research and giving patients all of the information, you are offering them another piece in the puzzle to their wellbeing.


To learn more about how you can grow your practice and reach more patients, schedule your FREE practice review with one of our specialists today!



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Add Convenience to Care with Medical Retail for Patients
Looking for ways to grow your practice and offer great care to patients? Learn more about how to effectively sell retail products in your medical practice!