Failing to recognize the importance and potential value of your website could actually prove to be harmful to your practice. In many cases a healthcare provider’s website is the first interaction a patient will have with your brand.

Amazing advances and breakthroughs in treatments are happening everyday. So why wouldn’t you make sure all aspects of your practice are also up to date?

Whether you have a new or existing site, there are a few things you’ll want to make sure you include. Today we’ll breakdown those important items.

Before diving into specific categories you should realize what your patients are looking for from your site… peace of mind. They’re looking for solutions to their problems and a space to feel comfortable.

With that in mind, here are the 8 things you’ll want to include or incorporate on your practice’s site:

Must Have’s for Your Health Care Practice Website

1. Testimonials

We’ve talked time and time again about how common it is for people to seek out references and reviews from their peers. If you give a clear path to patient testimonials, you’ll be putting potential patients at ease.


2. Options

Patients want clear answers into what their treatment options are. Even if they aren’t sure of their specific condition, at least they want to know they have options if they come to you.


3. Direct Insurance Info

Paying out of pocket isn’t a reality for many people. So having clear information about insurance is a MUST. Be transparent about what your practice accepts and clearly state it on your site.


4. Clear First Step

Remember, your potential patient wants to feel comforted. They need to know what their call-to-action is; maybe it’s an office visit or free phone consultation. Whatever it is, make sure it’s clearly defined.


5. Credibility

When it comes to making patients feel secure, showing off your accolades is a great method. Be sure to list your degrees, certifications, and awards somewhere on your website.


6. Useful Tools

Adding easy to find and direct links to important resources is a great idea. Buttons at the top of your home page that take patients to pages like “Schedule an Appointment” or “Pay Your Bill” are helpful.


7. Answers

In this day and age we have answers to almost anything at our fingertips. Establish yourself as an expert in your area by including a blog, FAQ, or guide to common procedures or conditions within your field of expertise.


8. Location

Giving your patients various options, information, and a call to action means nothing if they can’t get to you!

Make sure your practice’s location or locations are visible with details. Is your office in a building? Near a landmark? If you know your place can be confusing to find, go ahead and give as much information as possible.


Providing great service to your patients goes well beyond the walls of your practice. Continuously providing information will show that you want patient experiences to be convenient and comfortable.


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Serving patients goes beyond the walls of your practice. Make sure your site is giving potential patients what they need.