In my divorce, I needed trust and consistency. Jennifer Hargrave not only provided me with everything she set out to accomplish, she became a true advocate and lead me through the ever-changing landscape of a divorce with confidence, poise, integrity and kindness. Jennifer Hargrave was the absolute best decision I made when selecting my legal team!

John R.

Jennifer Hargrave is a straight-forward, intelligent, honest and knowledgeable attorney who is skilled in balancing the legal necessities with the delicate aspects of a complicated family situation. Jennifer’s expertise and understanding of law drove to a close what was a stalled-out and challenging case. She managed to accomplish this in the best manner possible and with excellent results for my family; having avoided court while obtaining a positive outcome for me and my children. I trust her completely, have the utmost confidence in her abilities and would recommend her for any and all cases, simple to complex.

L. S.

Jennifer Hargrave is an exceptional attorney and advocate. She is technically top-notch, but even more importantly for an attorney practicing family law, she genuinely cares about her clients and their families. She is tough when needed, but does so with grace. She is respected by both opposing counsel and the judiciary.

Tiffany F.

Jennifer has the distinct ability to make the volatile situation calm. I sought Jennifer’s subject matter expertise for a collaborative divorce consultation with children. During the entire process she was an advocate for setting the foundation for a transition to co-parenting on the other side of the final divorce decree. Seven years later I still reflect on her most important advice – you can control only you and you can stand by your children, knowing you are their example. Thank you, Jennifer, for your guidance and your support.

David L.

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